Fast Facts


  • Sterne is an easy ten-minute walk from the Ferry dock and Montgomery BART/MUNI station.
  • We are just a few blocks from the 1-California bus stop at Kearny Street.
  • We offer a "Carpool Connections" service


  • 190 students total
  • Classroom ratios:
    Lower/Middle: 6–12 students per class
    High School: 10–15 students per class
  • 28 Teachers
  • 3 Counselors
  • 19 Administrative Staff

Sterne has a diverse community from all over the Bay Area, comprising LGBTQ+ families, single parents, cross-generational households, adopted children, and economically diverse families.

45% of our students identify as people of color.

Our Neurodiverse Population

  • 34% of Sterne students have ADHD 
  • 24% of Sterne students have dyslexia
  • 12% of Sterne students have dyscalculia
  • 12% of Sterne students have generalized anxiety disorder
  • 5% of Sterne students have auditory processing challenges

Data based on 2021-2022 student population.