Sterne's Program for Grades 6-8

Middle School is a time when students begin deeper exploration of all academic areas and discover who they are as learners. Knowing that no two middle school students are alike, our model includes flexible grouping across grade levels. Students are placed into courses according to their individual needs and abilities rather than solely based on grade level. In a dynamic and engaging environment, students explore passions and strengths through inquiry-based learning and hands-on activities. Academic interventions are part of our integrated learning model so that minimal scaffolding from the outside is needed—no “pull outs” or “school after school.” Student leadership, mentorship, and enrichment activities provide opportunities to build focus, grow confidence, and develop friendships.

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The Pillars of our program:

  • Small class sizes and individualized scheduling
  • Differentiated instruction to address lagging skills and enrich advanced academic areas of strength
  • Teachers with specialized training in supporting dyslexia, ADHD, and executive functioning
  • Tailored literacy and math intervention and support based on learning profile and need
  • Hands-on, project-based learning with arts integration
  • Homeroom at beginning and end of each day for executive functioning support
  • Specialized electives: maker, digital film, music, drama, studio art, and P.E.
  • Competency-based social-emotional learning program
  • A comprehensive 360° student life experience that includes arts, athletics, experiential learning, and enrichment
  • Middle School community: Spirit Weeks, clubs, dances, Expedition Days, service learning, 8th-grade trip, and more!

Lower & Middle School Brochure